Greg Poulos

Greg Poulos was born and raised in Sarasota. He started playing guitar in Jr. High School with many popular local bands like The Missing Links and Bits of Difference. Later in High School he played with The Crystal Pain, a band that opened up for most every big touring act that came through Sarasota and Florida in the late 60’s. He moved to Boulder, Colorado in the early 70’s and played with a band from Chicago called Lebo Nash where he developed his love and style of the blues. In 1976 he was hired by the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame Member, the late and great Freddie King. He spent the next year touring the Country and Europe, meeting and playing with his idols like Eric Clapton, Buddy Guy, B.B. King and Muddy Waters to name a few.

Tragedy struck later that year when Freddie King died unexpectedly and Greg found himself back out in the local scene in Sarasota. The next day Greg was called to tour with the Poindexters. After 10 years living and playing in Atlanta, Greg came home to Sarasota to play in many local bands with the likes of Chris Anderson, Pat Ramsey, Dan Electro, Mike Kach, Rock Bottom, Sarasota Slim and many more. Dickey Betts has called Greg one of his favorite pickers.

He’s been beloved for the passion he puts into his playing and his melodic tone. He’s played with the local band The Venturas for 20 years and Kettle Of Fish for 6 years. He recorded a very powerful CD called "Angels from Hazard" in 2012. Billy Rice and Greg have known each other since they were teenagers but never played together. They are both looking forward to it and a new chapter!